Class 4 Shingles

Class 4 Impact Resistance Shingles

  • Passes UL 2218 Impact Test with Class 4 rating (highest possible)
  • Fiberglass asphalt construction
  • Most are Class A fire rating from UL ASTM D7158 Class H, 150 mph

The install of Class 4 shingles normally comes with a pro-rated lifetime (depending on manufacture) manufacture limited liability warranty. This normally only covers a manufactures defect for the time frame. The estimated life of a class 4 shingle roof is approx. 12-18 years. Mind you this is always dependent on what kind of weather is has to endure. Expect to show minor wind damage in moderate storms.  A Class 4 shingle needs to be used for the hip and ridge shingles as well. In order for a shingle to be classified as a Class 4 shingle it needs to have the UL2218 rating for hail. If you are looking at getting a discount from your insurance company for a Class 4 shingles? CAUTION ...Please read all the paperwork closely as most require you to sign a Cosmetic Damage Exclusion that means you agree that in return for the discount, you will not have coverage for cosmetic loss or damage that's caused by hail and alters the appearance of the roof covering. You will have coverage for hail damage that allows water to penetrate the roof covering. This exclusion could make you end up with a roof that looks horrible after a hail storm but not covered by your insurance company. Should you need to read more details on the UL2218 (click here).  If you need more information about this discount please contact your insurance company. If you need a copy of the Texas Department of Insurance Roofing Installation Information and Certification for Reduction in Residential Insurance Premiums (click here) have your roofer fill out the information and return to the homeowner and send a copy to the insurance company.

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