Know Your Roof

bullet imagebullet imageWith over 17 years of experience Fair Trade Roofing serves Houston,TX and the surrounding areas and was developed out of the idea that fairness, cooperation, harmony, balance, respect and parity can be applied to business and personal lives.

We specialize in re-roofs and roof repairs for residential insurance claims and homeowners. We would love for you to check out the About us page to see more details on how we apply these qualities to our business. If you are a property owner, insurance company, adjuster, realtor or any person we can help? Please use the Contact Us page to get a estimate for your property or request services. 

We work with anyone who might need our services. We believe in working together and not against each other. Should you need our assistance please fill out the Contact Us form with detailed information and we will be in contact and make sure to check out our Services page for more details.

We are working on a "Know Your Roof" program that will be designed to help property owners know what products are being put on the roof. We want loyal customers who know they can trust our services, know we will give honest professional opinions about the roof and give them options about what type of products can go on the roof . In this program property owners are asked to add there roofing project managers direct number in there cell phones . So in the event a roofing project is needed the property owners know exactly who to call. 

We are always adding new information to our web site and welcome you back in the future.



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