Metal CF-Panel

CF Panel

The fasteners are concealed, but the beauty is plain to see. Mueller’s Concealed Fastener (CF) Panels feature a unique, lock-joint system that provides a remarkably smooth and clean look for your metal roof. Combined with our innovative paint system, CF panels deliver long-lasting color and vibrancy to your roof and your home. These panels are an excellent choice for new construction and applications where the existing roofing covering is removed to decking. 

CF Panel Benefits:

  • Up to a 30-Year Limited Paint Warranty
  • A Wide Range of Designer Colors
  • Hail Resistant – Underwriters Laboratories Class-4 Rating
  • Fire Resistant
  • Wind Resistant up to 140 mph
  • Practically Maintenance Free
  • 26-Gauge - Commercial Grade Steel
  • Energy Efficient
  • Greater Life Expectancy
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Possible Insurance Savings

A wavy appearance — called “oil canning” — often occurs in the flat areas of formed metal products, such as metal roofs. Oil canning doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the metal – it’s simply an aesthetic issue, and sometimes affects Mueller’s CF, AP and Standing Seam Panels. The term oil canning is an industry standard used to describe this occurrence and is not a reason for rejection.


CF Panel Color Options: